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M3 to Participate in French Polynesian Mosquito Workshop

Thursday Sep 21st, 2017

frenck workshop 2
Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

M3 Consulting Group has been invited to participate in the ILM Mosquito Workshop held this fall at Univeristy of California's Gump Station. Gump Station is located on the Island of Morea in French Polynesia. Nathan Moses-Gonzales and intern Cameron Najafi will present on the current state of the arts in Sterile Insect Release via Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and will discuss preliminary results related to a resent study conducted in cooperation with the Hansen Lab at New Mexico State University.

For Cameron, this will be his first time observing and participating in a scientific workshop. When asked about his thoughts on travel to French Polynesia, Cameron said,

"I'm most excited about being around the energy of scientists, innovators working to solve a problem that has huge potential to improve the world. At my age, being a fly on the wall at one of the most beautiful islands in the world at the mosquito workshop is such an immense opportunity and privilege. I look forward to help out all of the incredible projects and research in any way I can."

Earlier this year, Nathan spoke in Valencia, Spain about advancements made in autopilot technologies and techniques, and how these advancements will impact mosquito control.

According to Nathan, "The evolution of techniques to induce sterility in Aedes mosquitoes combined with next generation autopilots makes it possible for us to explore how UAS may accomplish the release of very delicate insect species."

Beyond participating in the workshop, M3 plans on meeting with several island managers and government officials to discuss how UAS may impact not only their mosquito control efforts, but also their broader island initiatives.

french workshop 3
Cameron Najafi, M3's newest intern