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Digital Harvest

Deep Learning reveals Deeper Insights

Combining Cloud Computing with the Internet of Things, Digital Harvest provides Machine Learning enabled orchard management.

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Autonomous systems are transforming the way we identify, manage, and respond to risk. Combining the Internet of Things (IoT) with our cloud platform enables decision makers to respond rapidly to plant health emergencies. Developing novel approaches utilizing machine learning opens the door for new opportunities to optimize decision support weather in the field, on the go or in the air. Cybernetics tools designed to amplify expert knowledge are increasing the diversity and quality of sensed information, improving overall outcomes related to plant health emergencies.


Digital Harvest is a Farm Management web app that combines the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. Digital Harvest provides growers with intelligent tools to monitor and manage their fields from anywhere. Digital Harvest helps our customers remain agile while maximizing resource allocation. Digital Harvest provides:

  1. Machine Learning for persistent monitoring.

  2. Field level weather forecasts.

  3. Fully automatic farm and orchard management achieved through website or smart phone app.


By leveraging novel architectures for data-acquisition with cloud computing and machine learning, Digital Harvest:

  1. Reduces cost to monitor orchards.

  2. Increases the precision of farm critical operations, such as sprays and treatments.

  3. Provides field data accessible from anywhere in the world.

  4. Analyzes site specific data archived in Cold Storage in order to identify treads and detect anomalies.

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In the Field | On the Go | In the Air

Digital Harvest offers a suite of services to manage and act upon a diversity of assets and metrics.


Whether variability and increasingly warmer summers are challenging the reliability of historical weather models. Field uses microclimate data to provide weather prediction services. Field starts with temperature / relative humidity sensors and expands to include smart traps with models to identify a diversity of species in addition to PM 10/2.5 sensors. Field serves as the nervous system for machine learning enabled orchard management.


Orchards are filled with a diversity of high value assets. Go enables users to monitor their assets via an onboard device that translates locations through our network and onto our Dashboard. Go helps growers monitor the location of spray vehicles in addition to enabling automatic reports of sprays for compliance.


Air is a Drones as a Service platform, enabling users to deploy drones for a variety of agriculture related operations. Air monitors operational parameters and searches for anomalies during drone flights. Air aggregates aircraft flight data across fleets to ensure aircraft are operating within specification. Air monitors for and reports issues prior to an incident occurring during flight and provides reports for flight activity via our Dashboard.


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